Navman Case Study – AJ Tutill


Moving forward with integrated technologies but keeping the human touch.
Striking a balance between hi-tech and the human touch, Auckland based cartage company, A.J. Tutill has embraced technology on its own terms. With a staff of 50 people, A.J. Tutill offers transport, storage & logistics services and operates 42 vehicles working across the greater Auckland area, as well as covering Tauranga and Hamilton. Their fleet includes a mix of crane trucks, 8 wheelers, curtain siders and flat decks.

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Navman Case Study – Scuzztrans


Navman Wireless iCOS LIVE integration enables significant business growth for ScuzzTrans.
Real time track and trace provides transparency, control and effective systems management.ScuzzTrans is a small family-run Queensland-based transport company, loading containers in and around the Port of Brisbane. As specialists in container transport between the Northern Rivers and the Port of Brisbane, ScuzzTrans has a fleet of late model trucks and trailers servicing Northern New South Wales and Queensland. ScuzzTrans also has a container pack and unpack depot in Brisbane, as well as offering container storage in the city

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SCLAA Proudly Supports International Women’s Day – Wednesday, 8th…

“Driving the Competitive Advantage in Supply Chain and Logistics”
Proudly Supports International Women’s Day
Wednesday, 8 March 2017

You may be surprised that women only make up 21.9% of the population involved within the Supply Chain and Logistics industries. That is why the SCLAA are proud to support and encourage International Women’s Day on Wednesday 8th March 2017. It is imperative we attract more women to the industry. Whether these women are involved at CEO, Senior Management Level; work in a warehouse or drive trucks the Supply Chain and Logistics Association would like to acknowledge their incredible contribution.

International Women’s Day is a time to reflect on the progress made, to call for change and to celebrate acts of courage and determination by ordinary women who have played an extraordinary role in the history of their countries and communities.

Amanda O’Brien, the recently appointed first SCLAA Chairwomen in 56 years said “International Women’s Day is a perfect opportunity for everyone to help drive better outcomes and change for women, not only those involved in the Supply Chain and Logistics areas but for all women involved in business and the community. Our National Association encourages everyone to support this day”.

Amanda went on to say “that in 2014 only 9.2% of Chief Executive Officers in transport, postal and warehousing industry were women. Participation has decreased by 1.1% in this sector over the last ten years and this attrition rate is disturbing”.

“The inequality in gender dispersion is an immediate barrier to entry. In government and industry circles we need to first of all acknowledge openly that this issue exists and secondly offer the same opportunities to acquire skills and experience in this sector as those offered in more traditional roles”.

This year’s campaign theme is Be Bold For Change – #BeBoldForChange

To further acknowledge women in business, the SCLAA will be holding back by popular demand the successful Women in Logistics Lunch in the Member’s Dining room at the Melbourne Cricket Ground on Friday 19th May. Don’t miss out on this unique event! All men are encouraged to attend to show your support for the dynamic changes in industry. For further details, please call the SCLAA office on 1300 364 160 or visit www.sclaa.com.au to book online.

For further details, contact Anthony Trainor, Executive Officer, SCLAA on 0429 012380.

SCLAA and CILTA Jointly Support International Women’s Day – 8th March 2017

iCOS LIVE helps transport and logistics companies be more effective with their operations and efficient with their time

Winners of the 2016 Queensland Supply Chain & Logistics…

The winners of the 2016 Queensland Supply Chain & Logistics Awards, which have been developed by the Supply Chain & Logistics Association of Australia in conjunction with ABB Enterprise Software, All Purpose Transport and Leadership Management Australia (LMA), were announced in front of 300 people during the annual charity dinner at the 17th Queensland Supply Chain and Logistics Conference which was held at the SOFITEL Brisbane Central.

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Women in Workboots Book Cover

Women in Workboots

Women in Workboots Book Cover

Kwik n Kool Refrigerated Couriers Director in Brisbane, Australia becomes entrepreneur with the release of her book  “Women in WorkBoots” – How was this possible?

Lynette and her husband Trevor are owners and operators of Kwik n Kool Refrigerated Couriers in Brisbane, Australia. A family business they have built up and been operating jointly for the last 17 years.

The first holiday together as a family was over 7 years into their business, they literally had to close their  business for a week in order to have time off. Consequently, holidays were simply out of the question. They changed their accounting system to XERO, then discovered iCOS LIVE, an add on partner to XERO and from then on their lives began to change.

Two years ago, they set off again to the Sunshine Coast, Queensland. They left their team in charge and on arrival, they received a call to say they were a dispatcher and one driver down. No way were they going home or was there any need to shut the office this time. Lynette had taken her laptop and Android tablet with her and as their customers were booking online, jobs were being entered automatically, enabling her to dispatch new jobs and transfer the absent driver jobs to an alternative driver tablet for delivery.

Their customers have visibility online, of all of their consignments and their status, so they can self serve, to know where their products are, where they have been delivered to and by whom, dates, time signatures, temperatures, longitudes and latitudes.

As job data is pushed directly into XERO from iCOS LIVE, Lynette could get her invoices out on time with a click of a button.

This was all achieved whilst she sat and watched her lovely boys fish for their dinner.

The following year Lynette noticed she didn’t need to work from daylight to dusk like she had to in the past, and when her boys were sick, she could stay home with them, thanks to these two innovative products, iCOS LIVE and XERO.

Lynette became intrigued with Kathy Ross’ CEO of iCOS LIVE Amazing Story of Success and went out and met with many other women, who have broken through the barriers too.

Lynette is now an international author, entrepreneur in her own right – it’s just amazing what this lady has achieved with the release of her book “Women in Workboots” – women who have broken through the barriers in male dominated industries.



Kathy Ross from iCOS LIVE features on chapter 4, if you would like a copy give us a call!