Beyond Freight & Logistics – Jenny Maxwell, Managing Director

Jenny Maxwell, Managing Director

With a nationwide network at their fingertips and a knowledgeable team of professionals at the helm, Beyond Freight & Logistics have increased levels of service to their customers, along with lowering freight costs.

Jenny quotes ‘iCOS LIVE has been a fast and efficient system to use, the added benefit of providing this booking and online tracking system to our customers is invaluable, and really makes a difference to our customers, saving them time and money’.

‘Of course with the added value of being able to direct link with the Xero accounting system – it is incredible, and makes my life so much easier’.

‘This allows us get on with the business of moving our freight efficiently and cost effectively’.

Annandale Logistics

Annandale Logistics

Leigh Goodman, General Manager

`After only a week we are now fully signed up and loading over 150 jobs per week`


We had been looking for a dispatch management system for some time and in changing our accounting system to Xero we found one of the partners was iCOS which integrated directly for billing.

I went to the iCOS site and registered for the free trial to see whether it would fit what we were looking for.

The site was so simple to navigate around as a first time user and had all the functions we were looking for and with a bit of self training and support from the team at iCOS after only a week we are now fully signed up and loading over 150 jobs per week with the ability to see exactly what every job is earning us.

The system also generates con notes for each job which has driver POD and customer copy on one page so we just bought a simple sheet perforator and we were in business saving on paper and printing cost as well.

We are now looking at integrating a GPS tracking system so our customers can log on and track their freight and we will be able to use the sign on glass feature to POD and bill jobs from the truck the minute they are delivered and being a web based system we are able to log on and work from anywhere in the world.

This is a fantastic product and we will be recommending it to all our customers.

Mario De Liva, Owner

We are very pleased with our decision to go with iCOS Live. We have seen immediate value in our business with the level of visibility it provides in real time…