iCOS LiVE GO Freight Tracking New Extra features

iCOS LIVE GO freight tracking can be presented in two views for Worksheet and Job views.

Worksheet View for Our iCOS LIVE GO freight tracking:

Our iCOS LIVE GO freight tracking is for where a driver or worker can see a list of assigned work and quickly juggle between different tasks. This is great for doing things such as sending a manifest of consignments out to a truck driver, optionally pre-ordered by a dispatcher.

freight tracking

freight tracking

iCOS LiVE GO Freight Tracking features

  • Shows all jobs presently allocated to the chosen vehicle in a list view.
  • Jobs can be ‘Expanded’ to show detailed information and allow actions or updates.
  • If the logged in user only has access to a single vehicle, dropdown selection is not shown and user is not given a choice.
  • Multiple devices can access the same vehicle at once (for instance, tablet mounted in cab but signatures captured using a phone)
  • Each job goes progresses through three steps. They must first be Accepted (or Rejected), then Uplifted, and finally Offloaded
  • Signatures can be captured at time of offload, including signee name.
  • Text sizes can be scaled bigger or smaller based on device or logged in user.
  • Order of jobs displayed can be tailored based on any of the fields on an iCOS LIVE consignment. This can also be specified by a dispatcher if manifesting is used.
  • Job headings can be customised to show most relevant information to the user.
  • Layout and fields can be customised to show any field on an iCOS LIVE consignment.
  • Field style and location can be customised.
  • Bulk, Container or General Freight jobs can each have independent template and styling
  • Fields can be set to capturable allowing a driver to enter details on the road, submitted back to the office.
  • Captured container numbers can be validated based on their check digit.
  • Layout, field, and style changes can be made on the fly remotely (no need to update devices manually)
  • Barcodes can be scanned into any field (using device camera, or subject to scan hardware compatibility)
  • If supplied addresses are valid, turn by turn navigation can be started with a single button.
  • If phone numbers are supplied and the device can make calls, touching the numbers will dial them.
  • Jobs can be transferred to other vehicles (this can be disabled)
  • Multiple options are available once a consignment is on-carte;The device can audibly notify a driver of a new job (optionally, continuously until he views the job)The device’s GPS can be utilised to track driver position, feeding back into iCOS LIVE
    • It may then be Offloaded (standard)
    • It may be offloaded to a depot instead
    • It may be offloaded at the place it was taken from (returned)
    • The devices NMEA feed (National Marine Electronics Association) can provide accurate times regardless of the time set on the device.
    • Consignments can be created in the field by a driver (optional)
    • Consignments can be assembled based on barcodes in the field by a driver (optional)
    • Values (Pieces, Weight, Cube) can be amended by a driver if differing quantities are found at site of pickup (optional)
    • Job lists are still available whilst out of coverage
    • Changes made whilst out of coverage are saved and sent when connectivity is available
    • Documents stored against a consignment are viewable on the device (customers and office staff can attach files or images to each consignment)
    • Photos can be taken by a driver and stored against a consignment, visible to end customers and office staff.
    • Proof of Delivery reports can be emailed to a shipper, customer, or consignee as actions are completed – including signature, GPS coordinates, and time

    Job View for Our iCOS LIVE GO freight tracking:

    Where a worker can start a brand new job, recording things like weights. He can also quickly duplicate jobs, for example to a trailer, or see a list of open jobs that have been loaded by a customer or the office, assign one to himself, and begin work.

    This is great for doing things like contracting or project work, or any work where the worker is usually working on a single job at a time. It also means a dispatcher is not required to assign jobs to workers.

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