Case Studies


mac trucks

Nigel Walsh, General Manager

“Since switching to iCOS LIVE it has helped us manage our invoicing a lot better and stopped
any missing invoices which relates to lost revenue. Easier to manage the day to day dispatch
with forward planning and loading requirements. Having iCOS LIVE has reduced unwanted
pressure at the end of each month for end of month billing. The drivers have adapted well to
using the tablets and find them to be very user friendly.” – MacKenzie Supply Services


Tutil Carriers

Neil Bowman, Manager

“iCOS LIVE allows our clients to place job orders online and track and trace their consignments
from pickup through to delivery. iCOS LIVE is linked to the iCOS third party warehouse
system, which sends the jobs to iCOS LIVE once the orders are picked.” – Tutill Carriers Ltd



Simon Hepburn, General Manager

“iCOS LIVE has been a great solution for our business, helping our customers fully integrate,
increasing transparency and making the pricing process far simpler. The direct to cab dispatch
function is the best we have encountered and ensures our dispatchers can manage an ever
increasing workload. The interface is intuitive and the staff at iCOS are always more than happy
to help fine tune the solution to our needs.” – Mackley Carriers


frweight pwus

Rueben Clarke, Managing Director

“Freightplus Transport and Logistics LTD  has been using iCOS LIVE since our first day in business. iCOS has been an excellent partner and has offered us affordable technology that has allowed us to keep up with bigger players in the market”



Fast food service with a smile!

iCOS LIVE really completes the Hughes package and allows us to offer our customers a cutting edge experience.

Our iCOS LIVE tracking software saves our customers time, phone calls and money when tracking their freight. We can issue them with an iCOS LIVE username and password so they can access their freight information anytime, anywhere. This is self-service at its best! With iCOS LIVE you can:

  • track and trace your bookings online through to delivery
  • check the location of your freight any time of the day
  • confirm deliveries online
  • access a job history within seconds
  • create pick-up manifests for multiple consignments
  • print PDF consignment notes and stick-on labels
  • book jobs online and send through pick-up requests electronically
  • receive your transport invoices on time every time using Xero online accounting




Icon Logistics Dunedin

With the introduction in October 2013 of ICOS into our business we have been able to improve on gaining better efficiencies in our business through the ICOS Live system to streamline our productivity and providing a better service to our customers also giving them access to track their containers moving on our tracks and having the ability to book their own jobs in ICOS

Our old system prior to ICOS was labour intensive with paperwork and the drivers have adapted well to using the tablets also meaning less paperwork for them and our administrative staff

I believe the ICOS Team has developed a very successful programme and helped our company become more advanced to meet the demands of our customers’ needs in today’s very challenging economic environment

Tony Gare
General Manager
Icon Logistics Ltd

Freight Logistics Storage Icon Trucks


Brosnan Logo

Bronsan Transport Ltd, Greg Bronsan

“Brosnan Transport Ltd installed ICOS LIVE around 2 years ago and it has improved our business immensely

We now know that we have a 100% capture rate for all the jobs we do. Our drivers enjoy being able to have their jobs sent to them in cab, and it has helped eliminate a lot of paper out of system. I encourage other operators to give it a go”



Kiwk n’ Kool

“We have been operating our business for over 15 years.  The first holiday together as a family was after 10 years and we had to close the business for a week in order to have that time off. So consequently holidays were simply “Out of the Question”.

When I saw what ICOS had to offer and their Vision I knew instantly that it was, what I was looking for;  we signed up to iCOS LIVE and Xero Online accounting with the assistance of “Jill at All trades” a Xero partner.

The last school holidays I set off for holiday with the kids to the Sunshine Coast, Queensland on our arrival I received a call to say we were 1 Driver down and our Admin person was sick. In the past it would have meant dropping everything and drive the 3.5hrs back to the depot just to “run” the operations for the day.

But not this time; I simply re-directed the phones to my mobile, kept track of which truck was where via the GPS system on the laptop. Our customers booked in their jobs online directly into iCOS LIVE and I dispatched them to our drivers “Tablets” which runs iCOS LIVE Go.  As an extra benefit our customers can see when their product has been delivered and signed by whom at what time, temperature and their paperwork is attached to the job.The last school holidays I set off for holiday with the kids to the Sunshine Coast, Queensland on our arrival I received a call to say we were 1 Driver down and our Admin person was sick. In the past it would have meant dropping everything and drive the 3.5hrs back to the depot just to “run” the operations for the day.

Invoicing is now super easy, (as a frustrated, past customer of Translogix), the jobs pass directly into Xero and at a press of the button invoices are emailed to the customers.  This was all achieved whilst I sat watched the boys fish for our Dinner.

ICOS simply just works, and works well.  Thank you iCOS LIVE  for a LIFE-

Lynette Kwik n Kool


Smart Express Logo

Smart Express, Susan Spelman

“iCOS LiVE has allowed our business to streamline our processes and integrates seamlessly with Xero . iCOS has been valuable in allowing both our customers and ourselves online visibility as we move towards a paperless environment.”

Smart Express Moving and Delivery Van Truck Hire Auckland (37)




Few companies embrace efficiency as well as Tauranga based ISO Limited. The family owned company was started in 1995 with one port operation in Gisborne and now operates out of 10 New Zealand locations as well as a couple of overseas sites. About 300 permanent staff are supported by 200 casuals working in ISO’s three specialist fields of port logistics; stevedoring, marshalling and warehousing, and transport and distribution.

Greg Dickson runs ISO as CEO with Greg’s son Liam in the chief operating officer role.

Liam says freight traceability has “infinitely improved” with iCOS. Dispatcher training time has halved, drivers are more efficient and tracking benefits have proved beneficial, with differences in numbers of containers booked to numbers of containers actually carried easily reconciled. It is now much easier to have the right truck doing the right job at the right time with the right piece of freight, whilst all the time giving the customer complete visibility.

For the full NZ Trucking article click on the link NZ TRUCKING ARTICLE

Screen Shot 2013-05-21 at 11.17.29 AM

freight data is transfered to and from the cab via a tablet

Screen Shot 2013-05-21 at 11.18.20 AM Screen Shot 2013-05-21 at 11.18.02 AM


Hilton Haulage Logo

Hilton Haulage

“iCOS LIVE has had a profound impact on our business by streamlining our processes and reducing the paper flow.

We highly recommended iCOS LIVE to other Transport operators who want to get out from under the paper”.

Hilton Haulage Smaller  Hilton Haulage 2 Smaller




They say that two heads are better than one; the same holds true for businesses.

By creating an effective partnership between iCOS LIVE and EROAD we provide an unprecedented combination of services to transport operators, with the best and most extensive set of business tools available.

With iCOS LIVE, you get a leading edge web-based transport management system which tracks your freight. EROAD’s innovative hardware and web-based technology can track your fleet. Put them together and not only do you know WHERE your fleet is but you know WHAT freight is on them.

This gives your customer service team and dispatchers unmatched tools for visibility of current work or responding to customer queries; and allows more accurate reports of vehicle and route cost to help you streamline your business.

iCOS and EROAD, providing you with the complete package to deliver the best solutions to your customers, in the most cost effective way.


tom ryan

Alan Spilhaus, Business Manager

Tom Ryan Cartage have enjoyed using ICOS software since 2001 having most recently deployed ICOS Live across 13 trucks in our Auckland metro fleet.  ICOS Live takes real time fleet tracking binds it to job management and turns it into live freight tracking. And after all that’s what clients want to know “Where is my delivery”.

By putting it in the cloud we are able to give clients effortless access to their data and real time updates.  We have also found the EDI is a time saver for our clients and our own admin teams.

In a country as small as New Zealand it is always nice to deal with local folk who produce a local product with local support.


Surgical Couriers

Noel Burgess, Director

Right from the start, iCOS live impressed us with their efficient professional manner – an approach that not only inspired confidence, but generated the results we were looking for. As a specialised medical transport company, Surgical Couriers Ltd required a transport management system that would enable us to provide the level of service that our customers and their clients deserve. By partnering with iCOS live we have been able to effectively implement the latest innovation in track & trace software that saved us time and promoted our productivity. It has enabled Surgical Couriers Ltd to tailor logistical solutions for our customers, bringing us one step closer in obtaining our objective of providing “uncompromising Premier Logistical Solutions to the healthcare industry.” Integrated with Xero online accounting

Thank you iCOS live for helping us to establish and grow Surgical Couriers Ltd



Jenny Maxwell, Managing Director

With a nationwide network at their fingertips and a knowledgeable team of professionals at the helm, Beyond Freight & Logistics have increased levels of service to their customers, along with lowering freight costs.
Jenny quotes ‘iCOS LIVE has been a fast and efficient system to use, the added benefit of providing this booking and online tracking system to our customers is invaluable, and really makes a difference to our customers, saving them time and money’.

‘Of course with the added value of being able to direct link with the Xero accounting system – it is incredible, and makes my life so much easier’.

‘This allows us get on with the business of moving our freight efficiently and cost effectively’.



One of our many happy customers!


My name is Bob

Please let me tell you about my life prior to using iCOS LIVE. I was driving my own truck; I worked 6 days a week for very long hours.

I had no way of capturing all of the charge outs for the container work I was doing. I was slogging away doing all I could to work in my business. Weekends were about adding up dirty consignment notes…………I never got my invoices out on time! All of that changed for the better when I signed up to iCOS LIVE and Xero online accounting. It changed my life. Within 18 months I had gone from one truck to six. Plus I was no longer driving – I was finally working on my business rather than in it. How did that happen? With my trustee tablet – I was a novice at using technology and had never taken time to learn about the internet.

It was amazing to see the jobs being allocated to my tablet, now that my customers were all booking online and my drivers were also actioning them from their trucks using iCOS Go to Mobile.

My work was now operating in real time – I was amazed how easy it was to get going.

Revenue leakages were plugged and invoicing was done weekly – all online.

Approximately two years post using iCOS LIVE I sold my business to a big boy! And I am now living Big Wednesday!!!!!

The batch, the boat, the holiday – I now have a life.

Thank you Kathy Ross and the iCOS team for giving me this leading edge, cost effective tool to help me stream line and grow my business – I will never look back!!

Please contact iCOS for my details



Brian Welts, General Manager

“iCOS Live has transformed our business and the way we operate by streamlining communication between our clients and vendors in ways traditional software companies cannot.  As an unconventional domestic warehouse and transport operator utilising iCOS Live for road and sea distribution, we have been able to offer unique points of difference in our service and communication that exceeds the service required by our clients.” We use Xero online accounting