Download the iCOS GO mobile app


  • G-mail account along with a Google Drive account
  • Android mobile device (minimum version 5.1 or newer).

Step 1 – Click the below link to download the iCOS GO app .apk file

Download the iCOS GO .apk file here:

Step 2 – A popup may appear to select the email/ Google Drive account you wish to download the ‘iCOS GO App.apk’ file to. If no popup appears, proceed onto step 2.5

Step 2.5 – Open your Google Drive app, where you should find the ‘iCOS GO App.apk’ file. Select the file and open it to begin installation process

Step 3 – A popup should then appear to warn you about installing unknown files. This is normal and you are safe to continue the install process of the .apk file

Step 4 – Your device may confirm download of the iCOS GO app is complete and the iCOS GO app can be found in your app drawer.