iCOS LIVE’s Evolution

While working with small-to-medium businesses in New Zealand and Australia, the company encountered a consistent situation within the transport industry.

Many businesses were family-based and had been operating for three or four generations, starting out with one truck and increasing to five, 10 or even 50 trucks but still had not implemented a freight management software package. And for those who did invest in server-based systems, they found the software to be a hindrance and not much help.

Why? The prime reasons were businesses either did not have the resources to put into the software or the purchased software was too complicated to install or to use.

Other common challenges these small-to-medium sized businesses faced:

  • They were under resourced.
  • They were buried under paper.
  • They were time-poor and often cash-flow poor.
  • They all had lost revenue and were not aware of this.
  • They were busy working in the business instead of on the business.
  • They had no transparency in their business and therefore no control of it.

It was then Kathy had the vision that could assist these businesses and their employees. She was certain the domestic transport sector could be transformed – by taking it from a paper-based world to a paperless environment – and set about creating a software solution that would revolutionise the industry.

So that’s what we did! We created iCOS LIVE.

Looking Ahead.

Re-imagining iCOS LIVE.

Our entire team is taking the opportunity to re imagine ICOS LIVE for our customers. We are building a customer centric, intuitive solution that will enable our customers to use our platform

in new ways and access their data easily and efficiently. This new platform includes incorporating 10 years of wish list features and functionality that we plan to roll out as we iteratively develop this new solution.

Our first step is to rewrite the web interface that you use every day. But once that is done, you can look forward to Public APIs that our customers can consume as well as new integrations and faster, more responsive and informative data flows including an improved ETL process.

You can think of this as us taking all our knowledge and experience in transport and asking the question what could ICOS do for our customers in 2020 and beyond.