Livestock NAIT accredited company

iCOS LIVE has become a NAIT accredited company information provider to assist you in your business and add more value to your clients.

NAIT accredited company

What is NAIT?

NAIT (National Animal Identification and Tracing) is an animal identification and tracing scheme linking people, property and livestock. It was introduced in 2012 to improve the response efficiency to a bio security threat and improve animal tracing in New Zealand.

The scheme will enable the location of cattle and deer to be traced much faster than existing manual systems.


iCOS LIVE tracks your freight, it records what you’ve picked up, where you’ve picked it up from and where you have delivered it. This is the information which is required to comply with the NAIT obligations for animal movements.

NAIT accredited company

iCOS LIVE accepts NAIT numbers from the Tru-test data link for android app then matches them to an order. Upon delivery of the animals iCOS LIVE sends the animal movements to the NAIT database.