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As a transport operator have you ever pondered, just once, whether you are reaping all the benefits from your business? It’s surprising the number of owners who haven’t. Most small to medium-sized transport companies, many time-poor, resource-stretched with principals working in the business rather than on it, would be shocked at the level of leakage they have. It could all be captured if they digitalised their business with a real-time integrated solution such as iCOSLIVE.

iCOSLIVE is transforming the transport industry from a paper-based one to a paperless one. It is web-based so there are no user licences – transport operators can add on staff, drivers, customers and sub-contractors to their online account – basically anyone they wish to utilise the service.

With secure log-ins, iCOSLIVE enables transport operators’ customers to book online or send their job bookings via EDI from their internal ERP systems. This gives them an overview of their own despatches from job order, through dispatch to proof of delivery, all via a transparent online view of the status movements which confirm proof of delivery with signature capture – real-time track and trace, all without picking up the phone.

Testament to iCOSLIVE’s features is they are reaping significant results and rewards for the company’s customers. Auckland client Clinton Rolfe, managing director of Titus Transport, puts it succinctly: “Business has gone up; iCOSLIVE has most definitely contributed to it. We saving time, we’re saving money, and invoicing with XERO, it’s so easy. It saves a lot of time. We’re now handling 2,500 con-notes per week. We were doing 500 a week before we switched over to ICOSLIVE.”

Titus Transport began with three trucks. After introducing ICOSLIVE, its fleet is up to 16 and they’re contemplating buying a couple more.
“iCOSLIVE gained us our biggest contract and we’ve just gone nationwide with that company. The one regret I do have is not running iCOSLIVE from day dot. I had the chance but turned it down, and then a year and a half into it we switched to iCOSLIVE. It’s the best thing we did.”

“It gives me back time. My wife gets me home now and, if I have to, I can work from home. If something crops up I can just go online, anywhere – at home, overseas, wherever – and check things, touch base, check out despatch. We’ve now got 100% control and transparency in the business.”

The program has transformed other transport operators including across the Tasman. ScuzzTrans Container Transport, a Queensland client of iCOSLIVE, was rewarded for its operational improvements, winning the 2016 Queensland Supply Chain Management Award. Late last year it also received a ‘highly-commended’ at the Australian Supply Chain & Logistics awards. ScuzzTrans attributes its growth to iCOSLIVE.

iCOSLIVE’s Android App, specifically designed for tablets and smartphones, now means transport and delivery companies can manage jobs and shipments at driver-end, instantly knowing of delivery completion with real-time shipment tracking. It has the ability to link one transport company to another using ‘LiveLink’ so subcontractors can be seamlessly integrated.

The eco-digital system integrates with a range of partners, including Teletrac Navman, which provides GPS satellite fleet management positioning, eRoad RUC’s advanced technology platform delivering electronic road user charges and compliance, and it also interfaces with many accounting packages, but shines when integrated with XERO and MYOB’s online accounting services. And iCOSLIVE’s market-leading advantage? That users, both operators and customers, not only know where trucks and shipments are, but what freight is on-board, in real-time – a feature that is unique to iCOSLIVE.