online freight integration software

iCOS LIVE and EROAD online freight integration software

online freight integration softwareonline freight integration software

iCOS LIVE online freight integration software with EROAD feeding iCOS LIVE GPS co-ordinates for each vehicle along with electronic hubodometer readings. iCOS LIVE online freight integration software pushes Job data back to the EROAD DEPOT offering transparent Freight and Fleet tracking at its best. Use EROAD to track your transport vehicles and iCOS LIVE to track what’s on them.

Eroad offer the world’s first secure ERUC (electronic road user chargers).

The Ehubo is an electronic distance recorder approved as an alternative to mechanical hubodometers. Vehicle downtime for unnecessary hubodometer replacements is a significant business interruption. The new Road User Charges Act will increase enforcement scrutiny and raise costs associated with hubodometer failures and accidental non-compliance. The Ehubo overcomes all of the shortcomings associated with mechanical hubodometers. Download the product guide here.

iCOS LiVE and EROAD launch Ehubo integrated online vehicle and transport management system.

iCOS online freight integration software and EROAD have launched an Ehubo powered transport management system that provides an unprecedented combination of services to transport operators, with the best and most extensive set of business tools available.

The iCOS online freight integration software is developed for complex and demanding logistic systems.

Operating a transport business is a complex and demanding task, with drivers and managers required to cope with growing customer and regulatory requirements, in an environment of increasing competitive pressures. The ability to attract and retain customers is a key goal for all transport operators, who recognise that clients require high levels of service delivered for a reasonable price.

online freight integration software

With iCOS LiVE online freight integration software, operators get a cutting edge web-based transport management system.

This provides visibility of customer requirements and the tools to plan and manage client fulfilment while offering transparency and communication to their customer base. When integrated with EROAD’s revolutionary web-based RUC management system, they have the complete package to deliver the best solutions to their customers, in the most cost-effective way.

online freight integration software

iCOS LiVE Managing Director Kathy Ross says, “iCOS is constantly seeking a better understanding of our customer’s needs and looking for ways to help them streamline and grow their businesses.iCOS LiVE uses the certified distance and location information recorded by the Ehubo against the consignments to provide total visibility. Operators require a self-funding Eruc system and iPhone/iPad/Android device for driver communication and signature capture and that’s it. No data terminals or other expensive and inflexible installed hardware are required.”

EROAD’s Sales and Marketing Manager, Peter Batcheler says “EROAD actively seeks out commercial partnerships to deliver the best possible outcome for our clients. We are delighted to partner with iCOS, a recognised leader in the logistics and supply chain industry. iCOS LiVE promotes online solutions that automate processes, reduce errors, and facilitate faster delivery and pick up times.” Source:

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