iCOS LIVE is a web-based solution hosted in the cloud that offers a work-flow solution live for

the freight and logistics industry. It links transport operators, their subcontractors and their clients – some being importers, exporters, international freight forwarders, distributors and third-party logistics companies together.

Its distinct features set it apart from competing systems with real-time track and trace – from online or electronic data interchange bookings through dispatch to proof of delivery with signature or camera capture.

iCOS LIVE caters for the following freight booking types:

  • General freight, ambient, chilled and frozen
  • Container management
  • Bulk haulage

Empower your customers

  • Transport owner’s clients can self -serve to manage their own account regarding track and trace, documentation, saving valuable customer service time. Online or electronic bookings speeds up processing while increasing accuracy.
  • It’s a breeze – customers love using iCOS LIVE.

Your Customers can book online

  • Instant access via username and password
  • Job capture, tracking and auto-rating
  • Ability to create pickup request manifests
  • Print PDF consignment notes and labels
  • Real-time track and trace online, including pin pointing via longitude and latitude, signature capture and signee names, date and time stamp on visual map display


  • Lock your customers into you
  • System auto-allocates docket number sequence, preventing revenue leakage
  • Takes the phone load off your staff
  • Eliminates docket book, printing costs
  • Paperless end-to-end solution for 100% visibility for your customers
  • Remove double handling to reduce time spent and accidental duplication

EDI Booking – Business to Business

  • Intelligent and adaptable
  • Can accept different file formats
  • Quick to implement
  • Multiple transmission methods accepted
  • Multiple EDI processing facilities exist for backup and assurance


  • Automated job booking
  • Eliminates double keying and data entry error
  • Saves time
  • Jobs are automatically rated so your customers can see at a glance what it’s going to cost them


  • Online bookings entered appear on both the operators dispatch screen and their customers showing real-time updates. The system calculates pieces, weight and cubic as the jobs pour in, and automatically allocates a docket number and rates them.
  • High visibility of consignment status and location
  • Save money helps to identify areas where there is revenue leakage and saves on resources by working smarter and faster giving an immediate return on investment
  • Advanced filtering for quick viewing
  • Individual operators self customization display
  • Point-to-point dispatchingcomputercompressed
  • Full track-and-trace with detailed tracking entries created for every move via consignment and manifest
  • Ability to create quotations and turn into jobs
  • Mapping view of your vehicles, and the freight that’s on them
  • A 2 B consignments can be dispatched to a smart phone or tablet running the iCOSGO app for paperless run sheets in order of pickup or delivery scheduled uplift and offload times.
  • The system date and time stamps every movement and transaction updating statuses in real time along with signature capture and longitude, latitude on a proof of delivery (POD) of the consignment.
  • Documents, consignment notes and photos of damaged freight can be stored or printed if required.
  • Increased productivity– industry specific streamlined tools allows transport operators to cut out the day-to-day grind and get on with working on the business rather than in it
  • Advanced dispatch display speeds up work flow
  • High visibility of consignment status and location

Affordable, scalable pricing

  • SAAS – Software as a Service
  • Low monthly fee based on your number of trucks
  • No license fees
  • Unlimited customer accounts at no additional cost
  • Available via the internet 24/7
  • Free automatic upgrades
  • Free support
  • Hosted and managed for maximum reliability and disaster recovery

Are you Freight Brokers or a Distributor?”

You don’t have any of your own trucks?
– that’s OK –

Sign up to iCOS LIVE In your own right- bring your subcontractors on to iCOS LIVE to do your Freight distribution for you.