iCOS LIVE is transforming the transport sector by taking it from a paper based world to a paperless world.

NO USER LICENSE FEES: iCOS LIVE is Web-based so Transport Operators Internal staff, drivers, sub-contractors, accountant, most importantly their customers can all come onto the system for free.

CUSTOMERS CAN SELF-SERVE: Transport operators, customers can book jobs online with their own secure logins and track and trace their own freight. The benefit to the transport operators is that it saves on resources, time, double handling, processing paperwork, reduces phone noise. The benefit to the customer is they have total transparency. They can self-serve their customers.

ELECTRONIC BOOKINGS (EDI): Customers can send their job bookings electronically (EDI) from their internal ERP systems directly to iCOS LIVE. The benefits to them is they save on resources, increases speed, accuracy and reduces costs

AUTO DOCKET NUMBER CREATION: The system automatically creates the docket numbers so you can’t lose one. This helps towards preventing revenue leakage from lost dockets.

AUTOMATIC RATING FEATURE: Caters for schedule rates, customer rates, internal cost rates, subcontractor rates. Once your rates have been set up in the system every job booked thereafter will be automatically rated. Cost and charge rates can be increased or decreased with a click of a button, saving hours of time

INCREASE PRODUCTIVITY: Customisable dispatch workbench offers advanced filtering and scheduled priority of jobs dispatched, which helps save on fuel costs and improves utilization of loads and night shift planning.

HIGHLY VISIBLE WARNINGS ALERTS: Prevents missed pick up or drop offs of consignments. Status movements change colour, trigging warning alerts. Preventing delays or demurrage charges.

TOTAL TRANSPARENCY: Information is at your fingertips. It’s transparent and highly visible so you can see at a glance, how your business is doing

ELIMINATES DOCKET BOOK PRINTING COSTS USING SMART TECHNOLOGY: Using Android smart devices, drivers have full visibility of their loads in the form of electronic manifests or run sheets.

PROOF OF DELIVERY AND SIGNATURE CAPTURE: Helps eliminate claims on transport operators and insurance companies for non-delivery or damages.

LIVE VIEW MAPPING: iCOS Live View mapping offers a visual picture of where your trucks are and what freight is on them. This feature works in conjunction with iCOSGO, offering real-time track and trace for you and your customers.

INVOICING IS A BREEZE: Jobs are actioned in real time so invoicing can be done on completion, no more adding jobs after the fact, improving cash flow!

ADD ON PARTNER XERO ONLINE ACCOUNTING: Both Xero and iCOS LIVE are Web-based so we have integrated together to offer an end to end paperless solution. We also interface with many other accounting systems.

INCREASE IN BOTTOM LINE: Many of our Customers have advised they had an increase to their bottom line between 25-35% in the first six months of using iCOS LIVE without any on-boarding of new customers.


SOFTWARE AS A SERVICE (SAAS): Sold on a subscription basis which includes free updates as they come to hand and support Our team strives to give customer satisfaction so there is always a friendly voice at the end of the phone to offer you support.

TIME TO ENJOY LIFE: Our solution is not just about increasing your bottom line it’s about giving you back time so you can enjoy a balance between work and family and the things you enjoy doing.

ADD ON PARTNER TELETRAC NAVMAN: This integration offers satellite positioning GPS fixes for longitudes and latitudes on proof of deliveries (POD’s) for vehicles that go out of cell tower coverage.