iCOS Android App offers a paperless tracking solution.



  • Allows smart in-the-field job tracking for real-time visibility
  • Updates job status in iCOS LIVE and captures data in the field
  • Integrates with GPS turn-by-turn navigation
  • One-touch access to dial customer supplied contact number
  • Capture signatures for proof of delivery

iCOS GO GPS Navigation






  • Drivers work with electronic run sheets or manifest,  eliminating paper
  • Job information is sent from Dispatch in scheduled priority order, saving dollars on fuel costs
  • Fields to record information from weighbridges dockets and weights
  • Jobs can be transferred from vehicle to vehicle if jobs can’t be completed by one truck in time without have to cancelled and  re-allocate or for container operations using swing lifts and skelly
  • Notes can be entered in the field by a driver updating the dispatcher and the customer
  • Has store and forward built in – so if a driver is out of coverage the information will be stored and updated when back in coverage keeping the dispatcher and customer informed
  • Proof of delivery show signature capture, GPS fix longitude and latitudes date and time stamp
  • Helps with driver shortages as drivers hate paperwork