Live Link

Live Link allows iCOS LIVE subscribers to send jobs instantly and directly to another iCOS LIVE subscriber (such as your sub-contractors) with updates reflecting in real-time.

This technology can be used as many times as required between transport companies all using iCOS LIVE creating a ‘chain’ of links – allowing companies to work extremely closely together whilst still maintaining the separation of each companies private data.

Live Link

Collaboration between technology and people is essential when considering your supply chain strategy.

Our Live Link technology allows you to translate your strategy into plans which you can execute consistently and predictably, combining to give your clients FIRST CLASS CUSTOMER SERVICE.


Key Benefits:

  • Elevate communications to improve the quality and speed of decisions
  • Save time, simplify workflows, and increase productivity
  • Build trust and understanding across your customers and sub-contractors
  • Improve customer responsiveness by facilitating faster access to information
  • Enables you to access a multi-level architecture across your supply chain: