Whilst iCOS LIVE from the outside can be experienced as a single cohesive application providing tools for managing the entire transport management process, the reality is that the technologies behind this have been designed as a two-tier architecture – with modular ‘services’, like lego blocks, being made available that together form the experience  of using iCOS LIVE.

This setup allows iCOS LIVE solution providers to put iCOS LIVE together in new, and sometimes unanticipated ways in response to helping our customers find the best way to enable them to do business in new ways.


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Your own drivers already have access to all the tools for dispatching and tracking your freight if they are included in the package you have selected; but what about subcontractors or third party agents you use to move some of your work?

If you do manage freight movement but also work with external transport agents, and want to streamline the way you do business with them without giving them carte blanche access to your sensitive information; AGENT LINK might be just what you need.

With AGENT LINK, you can equip agents outside of your company with the latest in web-based and smart device technology, allowing them to securely and instantly receive jobs from you, manage which of their vehicles they want to allocate to, and track job completion with signature proof of delivery; all seamlessly filtering back into your system where you and your customers can get full visibility of whats going on.


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LIVE LINK allows iCOS LIVE customers to send jobs instantly and directly to one another, with updates domino-ing back in real-time.

This technology can be used as many times as required between companies creating a ‘chain’ of links – allowing companies to work extremely closely together whilst still maintaining the separation of each companies private data.


 What does this mean to you?

Collaboration between technology and people is essential when considering your supply chain strategy.

Our Live link technology allows you to translate your strategy into plans which you can execute consistently and predictably, combining to give you GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE.

Key Benefits:

  • Elevate communications to improve the quality and speed of decisions
  • Save time, simplify workflows, and increase productivity
  • Build trust and understanding across your customers
  • Improve customer responsiveness by facilitating faster access to information

The use of our Live link technology enables you to access a mult-level architecture across your supply chain: