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During COVID we released a Crude Beta version out of desperation for the camera feature during lockdown.

Extensive development has been going on with the product ever since.

Version 1 – Android supported back to Android 5.1

Version 2 – iOS / Apple Device compatibility

The LOOK and feel will be a taste of what is to come with the second coming of “ ICOS LIVE” , Yes the new iCOS LIVE is well under development.

VERSION 1, will consist of all the current features in current iCOS but presented in a far more intuitive way.

Our New ETL system which we are currently migrating all the EDI’s in our old system across too.

It will come with a Self- Monitoring and status Grid screen , there will however, be a slight fee attached to this option. . Our intentions is to make this as user friendly as possible so you can manage Your own EDI’s without hassle as you currently experience, and should prevent you needing to contact iCOS support.

The integration with Port Connects Track and Trace system is also under development / phase one to talk to current iCOS /phase 2 to be released with VERSION 1 of the NEW iCOS LIVE