Our People

Kathy Ross


Originally founding the company ICOS GROUP (Integrated Cargo Operation System), Ms. Ross and her partner set out to revolutionize the freight management industry. In 2003, her partner passed away and in 2008, the company felt the effects of the economic recession. In order to revitalize the company, she redeveloped it from the Integrated Cargo Operating System, to the Internet Cargo Operating System. This change allowed her to track and trace real-time job orders and monitor proof of deliveries. The company is now known for taking the paper heavy world of managing transportation, and transforming it to a paperless world.

Kathy recognized that many transport companies consisted of husband and wife teams, who were understaffed or under-sourced. Her experience of working in the freight and logistics industry have helped her to address the needs that arise with the problems these transport companies face. She has proven her worth to the company after putting everything she has on the line for it, from mortgaging her house and sacrificing the time with her family. She has been recognized for her hard work by receiving Westpac Awards. In order to better serve her company, she participates in several organizations, including, Road Transport New Zealand, Women in Transports and Logistics Australia and Itec.

In the coming years, Ms. Ross endeavors to take the company internationally. She plans to branch out to the United Kingdom and then the United States. With her business practicality, she intends to bring her software to more people. She leads by example, managing the company to support charity work, such as the Central Finance South Island Charity Cycle Ride for the Rural Support Trust organization.