iCOS LIVE is built from components which can be easily plugged together to create the solution that works the best for your transport business. You can pick from one of the pre-packaged solutions below, or work with our experienced team to come up with the solution that best suits the way you do business.


Package Comparison

Transport type  Job Booking / Dispatch Enterprise
Freight (general)  Pick one Packages
Bulk  Pick one Packages
Containers  Pick one Packages
Online entry  Packages Packages
GO Mobile entry  Packages Packages
Customer online entry  Packages Packages
Pickup request  Packages Packages
Track & trace  Packages Packages
Search for consignment  Packages Packages
PDF Consignment Note  Packages Packages
PDF Labels  Packages  Packages
EDI consignments  Packages Packages
A to B  Packages Packages
Manifesting  Packages Packages
Visual Planner Packages Packages
Third-party job tracking  Packages Packages
GO job tracking  Packages Packages
GO custom field capture  Packages Packages
Automatic rating  Packages Packages
Invoicing workbench  Packages Packages
Optional Xero integration  Packages Packages
Vehicle KM’s  Packages Packages
Utilisation dashboard  Packages Packages
MYOB & other interface  Packages Packages
Areas  Packages Packages
Customers  Packages Packages
Routes  Packages Packages
Subcontractors  Packages Packages
Users  Packages Packages
09:00am – 05:00pm General  Packages Packages
Out of hours emergency  Packages Packages