iCOS LIVE helps transport and logistics companies be more effective with their operations and efficient with their time

“We have been operating our business for over 15 years. The first holiday together as a family was after 10 years and we had to close the business for a week in order to have time off. Consequently, holidays were simply out of the question. When I discovered what iCOS LIVE had to offer and their vision I knew instantly that it was what I was looking for.

We signed up to iCOS LIVE and Xero online accounting with the assistance of a company called Jill of all Trades, a Xero partner. The last school holidays I set off on a break with the kids to the Sunshine Coast, Queensland and on our arrival I received a call to say we were one driver down and our admin person was sick. In the past it would of meant dropping everything and driving the 3.5 hours back to the depot, but not this time I simply redirected the phones to my mobile and kept track of which truck was where via the EROAD GPS system on the laptop. Our customers self-booked their jobs directly into iCOS LIVE online and I dispatched them out to the driver’s tablets which run the iCOS GO application. As an extra benefit, our customers have visibility of where their products have been delivered, when and by whom, temperature and the corresponding paperwork is attached to the job. As a past customer of TransLogix, invoicing is now super easy; the jobs can be passed directly into Xero at the press of a button and the invoices are emailed. The auto uprate and downrate function has saved me hours and hours of time.This was all achieved whilst I sat and watched the boys fish for our dinner. iCOS LIVE simply just works and works well. Thank you iCOS LIVE for a LIFE!”

Lynette – Quick & Cool


The following year after Lynette put iCOS LIVE and Xero in to their operations. Lynette found she had so much time on her hands and was so inspired by Kathy Ross of iCOS LIVE she decided to publish a book “Women in Workbooks”, contact lynette@womeninworkboots.com.au

The year after Lynette sold her company and the new owners have changed their business name from ‘Kwik ‘n’ Koo’l to ‘Quick & Cool’ and continued to still use iCOS LIVE and Xero. Quick & Cool have since sold their business.