Women in Workboots Book Cover

Women in Workboots Book Cover

Kwik n Kool Refrigerated Couriers Director in Brisbane, Australia becomes entrepreneur with the release of her book  “Women in WorkBoots” – How was this possible?

Lynette and her husband Trevor are owners and operators of Kwik n Kool Refrigerated Couriers in Brisbane, Australia. A family business they have built up and been operating jointly for the last 17 years.

The first holiday together as a family was over 7 years into their business, they literally had to close their  business for a week in order to have time off. Consequently, holidays were simply out of the question. They changed their accounting system to XERO, then discovered iCOS LIVE, an add on partner to XERO and from then on their lives began to change.

Two years ago, they set off again to the Sunshine Coast, Queensland. They left their team in charge and on arrival, they received a call to say they were a dispatcher and one driver down. No way were they going home or was there any need to shut the office this time. Lynette had taken her laptop and Android tablet with her and as their customers were booking online, jobs were being entered automatically, enabling her to dispatch new jobs and transfer the absent driver jobs to an alternative driver tablet for delivery.

Their customers have visibility online, of all of their consignments and their status, so they can self serve, to know where their products are, where they have been delivered to and by whom, dates, time signatures, temperatures, longitudes and latitudes.

As job data is pushed directly into XERO from iCOS LIVE, Lynette could get her invoices out on time with a click of a button.

This was all achieved whilst she sat and watched her lovely boys fish for their dinner.

The following year Lynette noticed she didn’t need to work from daylight to dusk like she had to in the past, and when her boys were sick, she could stay home with them, thanks to these two innovative products, iCOS LIVE and XERO.

Lynette became intrigued with Kathy Ross’ CEO of iCOS LIVE Amazing Story of Success and went out and met with many other women, who have broken through the barriers too.

Lynette is now an international author, entrepreneur in her own right – it’s just amazing what this lady has achieved with the release of her book “Women in Workboots” – women who have broken through the barriers in male dominated industries.



Kathy Ross from iCOS LIVE features on chapter 4, if you would like a copy give us a call!