Download DRIVER today!

Our latest mobile app – iCOS Driver

This mobile application has a refaced interface, which features new and improved functions including:

  • Reject a Job
  • Reassign a Job to another Vehicle
  • Multi Allocate, Uplift, Offload
  • Signature on Pickup
  • Photos on Pickup/Delivery (Contactless)
  • Transfer Job to Another Vehicle
  • Add Extra Charges
  • Multi job Delivery
  • Signature on Delivery
  • Back to Depot
  • Driver Update Actual Items
  • Record Swap Pallets
  • Record Temperature
  • Record Unique References
  • Colour Code Job Status.

If you are an existing iCOS LIVE customer and you haven’t yet downloaded the iCOS driver from the App store – check it out.

Contact our help-desk , and they will assist you and send you a manual.