Clearly you are looking for a solution to help you overcome your pain points.

Like many other transport operators, who have joined our family of users.
· They too were buried under paper
· They were Under resourced
· They were Time poor, often cashflow poor
· They were Possibly leaking revenue and they didn’t even know it
· They had no transparency or visibility across their business
· More importantly they just wanted their lives back.

Here is a quick overview of iCOS Group

In the recession of 89, we built iCOS an (Integrated Cargo Operating System)

In the recession of 2008 / 2009 we built iCOS LIVE (Internet Cargo Operating system) an Electronic data interchange with B2B interfaces and integrations with all the companies in current ecosystem.

Just prior to going into our first Covid lock-down we commenced building our new product, a significant upgrade from iCOS Live together with a new Driver App. This product is being built on Microsoft Azure to enhance scalability & speed. Now here in 2022, we are soon to launch iCOS Global ( Intelligent Cargo Operating Solution) with features that our users have been asking for.

We will also be launching our iCOS Connect platform too, that we have also built from the ground up. This is a API portal to talk to anyone who wants to join our Eco System.